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Strike Force Heroes 2 Game

Strike Force Heroes 2 is indeed a captivating game with an impressive difficulty level and an overall exciting feel.
If you have never played the first version of the game, I will tell you a few words about this game that will be really useful for you.The new version of the game – Strike Force Heroes 2 features a lot of updates and bug fixes that you will really enjoy.
Strike Force Heroes 2 involves a soldier navigating through enemy territory. The soldier is required to take down the enemies at various instances.
The most interesting thing in this game is that you can choose from several soldier classes : The Engineer, The Mercenary, The General,The Juggernaut,The Sniper. All of them have different skills in the game, so make a wise decision when you are choosing your character, for example the Juggernaut has stronger armor, while others can move faster or hold more powerful weapons.
Strike Force Heroes 2 is one of the greatest shooting games that I have ever played online
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