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Important tips to play Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike Force Heroes 2 is a game made by Justin Goncalves and Mike Sleva genre shooting and fast-paced action with charismatic.
The story begins with one attack killing of one group of soldiers in secret on a deserted island. Here, our protagonist is rescued and scientists continue to search for clues about what kind of toxic death has manipulated his soldiers. On the retreat, they are constantly under attack by unknown organizations with unknown purposes and tasks of the players are fighting the army to flip open plot partially concealed by the manufacturer.
Before starting the game Strike Force Heroes 2, you should note a few important points are as follows:
Be careful of the corpses in the game. Corpses happens when you kill an enemy or you are killed. Before you respawn, you lie dead (or float) around a bit. The corpses start and stop bullets, so you can hide behind them before they disappear. But if you have an elemental weapon or explosive, the dead can make you suicidal. This happens when you fire your weapon at a corpse while standing too close to the corpse. You will receive splash damage from your shell after it exploded by the corpse and you. The corpse can be really annoying when you're trying to shoot at the enemy. The corpse will block all your bullets, but somehow the enemy will shoot through her body and hit you.
An additional tip for Strike Force Heroes 2, the Soldier class of random enemies for many levels. If there are too many snipers or deck during a task, quit and restart the level until the enemy is easier soldier class types to deal with. (If you notice after a quit and restart a level several times that the same soldier t spawning classes over and over, then level it has set the class soldier and nothing you can do torch.)
Do not forget that you can always switch layers soldiers after death. You can do this in any custom game, the campaign level, or challenge (unless the forum Defenders Challenge, only the enemies of suicide, you could die without immediate loss and then can switch your class).
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