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Action game Strike Force Heroes 2 attractive

Strike Force Heroes 2 should say is a dramatic action game and best of all what you'd expect from a normal action game is, produced by the operator Armor Games and Not Doppler.
The game is easy to control with the mouse and some keys (wads). You can choose how you want to install option, so you will not have problems because the level is not too difficult or too easy. Your task will be only one. You have to win no matter who you shoot. Winning is simple as all you have to do is to kill the enemy or take their flag. However, the game has a little problem. The quality of games is too high and if the gamer has under performed the computer, you can take your thoughts from the game Strike Force Heroes 2.
You can choose between four different classes to play, with their own strengths, weaknesses, and special weapons: Engineer, mercenary, General, Juggernaut, and the Strike Force Heroes 2 Sniper. You can set up your two weapons Soldiers start menu, and switch between them in the battle with [q]. successfully kill an enemy with a class will get "kill-streak" capabilities, enabled with the [Ctrl] or [E], after killing a string of enemies without dying. Ammunition, weapons and energy will be the players after each level and get the campaign.
The store will offer you after a match of new and unique weapons, can be very useful in open play. After each level, the store will have a new stock of weapons and items that can be purchased with cash you've earned in the previous game. Also, after every game in the Strike Force Heroes 2, you can try to win a number of new and unique weapons with the help of the slot machine.
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