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The weapons in the Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike Force Heroes 2 is a tactical action game continued outstanding success of the action game series has been very successful and famous named Strike Force Heroes.
In this game, you will be the role of a scientist in a secret research facility, but the facility is under attack. There is no other way, you have to join the team with the soldiers and fight the enemies to survive.
Strike Force Heroes 2 has a lot of weapons and classes to choose from with many unique challenges and campaigns. Classes may take some time. Also, get all the medals and Armor Games is quite an important task to perform.
In this game, you'll notice weapon sequel to the previous version, but also a lot of new weapons provided to the player.
Weapons systems in Strike Force Heroes 2 is quite different from the system in the original game. Each individual weapons with stats of their own, which is based on the level of weapons and opportunities. Two different arms of the same type may differ in certain respects. For example, a player can go through two levels of the ACR 50 to purchase. People can get hurt more and oscillation while the other may have a better rate of fire and better accuracy. In addition, the higher level weapons often a better indicator than the lower level weapons.
While statistics vary between each type of weapon, the specific models have similar statistics. For example, while two levels of 20 different UMP, their statistics are more similar than the 20 Bizon.
In addition, Strike Force Heroes 2 also have secondary weapons include melee weapons and guns, which can increase the damage and losses to the enemy.
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