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Play action shooting game Strike Force Heroes 2 free

Strike Force Heroes 2 Online shooting game very awesome and thrilling.The game starts with a couple of astronauts in space. They have a simple task - repairing the generator. Your character will be sent to do this work, but this time, a clearly increased force. The war started - the only way to prevent these invaders is to kill them all.
Strike Force Heroes 2 has a really interesting story as well as the main game no. Gathering secret intelligence, infiltrate enemy territory and win in the shootout suffocation.
There are many different weapons in the game that you can use to destroy the invaders, you can also use special tools and privileges such as grenades and protective shield, but interesting most in this game is lot of character.
Strike Force Heroes 2 has a lot of updates and bug fixes that you will really enjoy. The most interesting thing in this game is that you can choose from a number of soldier classes: Engineer, the mercenaries, President, The Juggernaut, The Sniper. All of them have different skills in the game, so make a wise decision when you are choosing your character, such as the Juggernaut with stronger armor, while others have can move faster or more powerful weapons hold.
Creating a sequel to a successful game can be a difficult thing. Especially in the action shooter genre, there are concerns that the play is a reception, but did not seem repetitive, but contains enough new content to justify its existence, not alienating fans ban. Strike Force Heroes 2 skillful approach this problem by focusing on the expansion of the game world feel. The development team has focused primarily on their strengths. Impressive as the selection of the arena is in its predecessor, here they are even better, with urban, future installations that are more to life.
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