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How to play shooter Strike Force Heroes 2

If you are looking for a great game, but equally fascinating and dramatic, perhaps Strike Force Heroes 2 is the right choice for you than whole.
Strike Force Heroes 2 is a flash game to say is appreciated in many ways. Strike Force Heroes 2 is a great action game gives gamers a complex plot and a lot of drama, especially if you listen to the soundtrack. You will have to pass three different game modes, 15 campaign missions and challenges to complete in order to unlock the game and especially the end of the gun system, equipped and massive kill-streak of the game is to take a time your time more.
In Strike Force Heroes 2, you will have to use all the creativity and agility of yourself to be able to overcome all obstacles and survive. If you do not want to be killed and did not want to end the game early, you will have to fight and handle all the enemies on the way. You will have the right to unlock a variety of weapons after completing a mission. The first task is very simple, but do not look down, as time goes on and the difficulty will increase especially difficult for some tasks end (also customizable character classes again, I remember near the end of the class the task sniper , is a nightmare for a lot enemy parachuting).
You can preselect four different character classes, with the strengths, weaknesses, and special weapons of their own: Medic, Commando, Assassin, and Tank in Strike Force Heroes 2. You will move, jumping with [WASD] or [arrow], aim and shoot with the mouse goals, saw people using [R]. Before each mission you can equip two weapons primary weapon, secondary and can be converted in a game film Q, exactly the same as the general shooter like CS, COD ...
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